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"Mystical, lyrical, dramatic at times and always thoughtful and emotionally compelling, the dual musical vision of composer Wendy Loomis (piano) and arranger Monica Williams (flute) drives a deep sense of transcendence and spirituality  that can only be captured in metaphoric terms."  



Phoenix Rising's newest CD "Mystic Places" is AVAILABLE NOW.  Come take a journey with Phoenix Rising to exotic places on the earth and inside your soul.   Some comments from's TV and film music screeners about 3 of the pieces from the CD … 

Higher Power – “This is truly a beautiful, inspiring and expressive piece.”

Jay’s Jig – “Another breathtaking composition and performance.  This would be great for a film score as it is very evocative and emotional.”

Stone Cottage – “Stunning music.  Very moving chord progression.” 


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CD Selections



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