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Mystic Places

Travel with Phoenix Rising (aka Monica Williams, flute/arrangement; Wendy Loomis, composer/pianist) to exotic places on the planet and within your own soul.   Piano, synthesizer, percussion, and flutes from around the world, this is Phoenix Rising's 3rd CD.  Release date January 2014, but a few copies are available now before the holidays.




This new CD is designed to relax and energize the listener - whether on a daily commute, a weekly yoga class, or a monthly massage. Themes are composed by Wendy Loomis and performed by Monica Williams (flute), Jennifer Lim (guzheng), Debra Podjed (tabla), Jessica Styler (hang drum), Suellen Primost (cello), Irina Mikhailova (vocals), Karen Segal (guitar), and Wendy Loomis (piano).  Songs have been nominated for 'best new age' and 'best classical' by Hollywood Music and Media Awards.




The piano/flute duo Phoenix Rising 'create scenescapes of light and beauty' - 'a filmscore awaiting a film' ...

Also available "Piano & Friends" by Wendy Loomis and "Silences Between" by Monica Williams.  Or … get a truly great value with a boxed set for $50 for all 5 CDs.


CD Selections


NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTES - The beauty of the Native American Flute is that anyone can play! A sound is produced by blowing into the end (no embouchure needed. It is based on a pentatonic scale, so any combination of notes creates a lovely sound! These flutes are great additions for wind players who want to widen their color palates and they are equally great for folks who have never played a musical instrument before. All flutes are made by High Spirits, one of the leading Native American flute makers. Why buy from us? All purchases of flutes will include a 30 minute lesson or a workshop (ask when the next workshop will be). In addition you will receive a Phoenix Rising CD of your choice, plus an instructional DVD/CD and Book on how to play the Native American Flute! All Flutes Demonstrated in the video below!

Native American Flutes


NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTES & PERCUSSION WORKSHOPS - The last one was held on November 17th.  Stay tuned for next workshop date.   Specific skills taught include how to use air support for great tone, vibrato to help vary it, articulation variations, different scales, basic improvisation, and rhythmic patterns to play with drums. 

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